From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Misunderstanding
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From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 18

Jammerg55 here, its been a very long time, for those of you who’ve stuck around I thank you. Where to begin, my car died last march, like completely. Engine is partially melted and will cost 10k to replace. I ended up having to withdraw from University because I didn’t have the means to get there. And I moved. and my father was very ill. So all that said i didn’t have hardly any time to think about translating. However, I’m back now and will be giving regular releases once more. Any questions or comments please post below.


Ps, apparently I can’t edit old word press posts any more.

Chapter 18: Rest

(from the brothers point of view)
Why the aquarium?

The medicine research was further along than I thought.
Afterwards…. if I do that it will be perfect. But……
Tomoki himself looks too terrible.
If, his spirit wasn’t strong enough, I may have had to possible deal with the worst possible result.
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From Brothers to Siblings : Chapter 17

Jammerg55 here; sorry for the long delay. There were many new things I had to keep track of over the last few weeks so I wasn’t able to tackle this at all. But now that it’s become somewhat more stable at University I can finally get back to translating this. If anyone has some suggestions for future translations please let me know in the comments section below. Also if anyone is good at art I would love a banner – I am currently at the stick man and cube phase. Anways please enjoy!
(TLN: I had originally been translating at it as Oniichan, which is not incorrect but in this context it should be Niichan instead, so I will be using that for the remainder of the story)

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