From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Supper

「Can you only make things related to vegetables?」
「I think that Oniichan needs to fix his unbalanced diet……」
「But I mean having vegetable stir fry two days in a row is just torture」
「If you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it」
「……I’ll eat it」
Oniichan’s unbalanced diet is at an abnormal level.
…… Even still, he still maintains a thin figure of a typical 18 year old……I have no idea how he does it.
「…Hey Oniichan」
「Don’t you ever get fat?」
「I’ve never thought about it……I’ve always been researching.」
「Oniichan sure loves research…」

「I do love research, but I love Tomoki even more you know」

I choked. I choked on a vegetable.
「……Are you alright?」
「Geho……Oniichan, do you mean that as Brothers? Or do you mean that as the “other” kind?」
「Each to his own interpretation. It’s fine either way」
「……Why won’t you confirm or deny it?」
「I think that I could accept an incestuous relationship with you」
「I can’t accept it!」
「It’s fine……you should eat up, it’s going to get cold」
「Saying that as if you actually made it yourself……Aa Oniichan」
「The key, give it. I said that I was going to confiscate it didn’t I?」
「……Don’t wanna」
「Because I would lose the joy of “Invading Tomoki’s room” if I did that」
「Don’t have fun like that」
「What’s with that? What’s wrong with peering at your beloved younger brother’s sleeping face?」
「You invaded while I was sleeping!?」
And I hadn’t noticed at all until now!?
「It’s normal for me to invade your room while you’re sleeping」
「No way……」
I became speechless. Nothing would come out.
「……By the way, did you find anything the last time you went hunting around in my room?」
「Un……There were mistakes in the first the pages of your ethics notebook」
「You even looked at that!?…… You even memorized it?」
「What, isn’t that normal?」
「Invading your younger brother’s room, and rifling through his notebooks without permission is NOT normal!」
「Don’t get so angry……Aa, and you’re sleeping faces is cute」
「Ee!?…………Aa, Thank you……..te Not that!」
「What now, is there still something?」
「Um…… you didn’t take advantage of me or anything did you?」
It’s possible. Given his explanations and behavior it’s definitely possible.
「N…I did. Various things」

○| ̄|_
I knew it.

「……What did you do?」

「Did things like kiss you?」(TLN: That closet is long gone)

I choked again. This time I choked on water.
「……Tomoki, you’ve been choking constantly today」
「Geho……Whose fault do you think that is……I mean, why kissing!?」
「Well, it’s just that your face was so cute while you were sleeping that I just had to kiss it……」
「That’s not what I was asking about !…… Wait, um, how many times?」
「4 times total」


「Give me back my first kiss!」
「That’s what a woman would say you know」
「I’m a man! I mean just how much of a pervert are you!!」
「Wa-……you called me a pervert again!? Isn’t it fine! A kiss or two!!」
「I’m angry because you did it 4 times!! I mean wasn’t that Oniichan’s first time just a little while ago?」
「No, I thought it would be best if I said that……」
「I’ve just heard something extremely bad!! Just what are you thinking!!」
When I say that, Oniichan stands up and looks at me with an extremely serious face—

「I can only think about Tomoki! I absolutely adore you! What is so wrong with that!!」

At that moment, the living room was as quiet as a calm lake.
–Oniichan doesn’t make up lies—looking at his eyes I know that.
He really, about me…….
When I think about it, I suddenly become embarrassed somehow.
My face reddens as I unconsciously look down.
Even know I understand, I heard that.
「……I told you a little while ago……I hate lies」
「Tomoki?……Are you crying?」
「No- I’m not really crying……」
「……I can hear it in your voice you know?」
「!……Th- this is, um……」
Even if his sense of love is warped, even if he did it the wrong way, Oniichan is clumsy and unfriendly so it can’t be helped. I can only think that now.

「……Thank you, Oniichan…」

If I were a normal younger brother then I would break off our relationship. But it’s apparent we have the same blood because that didn’t even occur to me.

Afterwards, because the vegetable stir fry had obviously cooled, we wrapped it up, put it in the refrigerator and went to bed.

(Note from the author: The idea of a man hating vegetables in a different series actually came from here. But this person doesn’t hide it. Eternal Vegetable hater.


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