From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 18

Jammerg55 here, its been a very long time, for those of you who’ve stuck around I thank you. Where to begin, my car died last march, like completely. Engine is partially melted and will cost 10k to replace. I ended up having to withdraw from University because I didn’t have the means to get there. And I moved. and my father was very ill. So all that said i didn’t have hardly any time to think about translating. However, I’m back now and will be giving regular releases once more. Any questions or comments please post below.


Ps, apparently I can’t edit old word press posts any more.

Chapter 18: Rest

(from the brothers point of view)
Why the aquarium?

The medicine research was further along than I thought.
Afterwards…. if I do that it will be perfect. But……
Tomoki himself looks too terrible.
If, his spirit wasn’t strong enough, I may have had to possible deal with the worst possible result.
I have to prevent that by any means.

「Tomoki are you ready to go…. Woah!?……. Tomoki, what is that?」

Tomoki’s clothes, weren’t the maleish clothing but, how can I say this….they aren’t bad but they’re kind of like woman’s clothes.
… I mean it’s more like, it;s like when a woman goes on a date.

「…….What’s wrong Niichan?」
「No, it’s nothing. Shall we go?」

Let’s just get breakfast over with. I’ll go rougher than I usually look.

「……Niichan, are we going to go by bicycle today too?」
「No, we’ll go by bus today」
「Did you check the timetables?」
「Ah?…… For something like that, if you just wait one will come eventually. It’s not nessicary to look up them up.」
「How “no plan” ish……Wait a minute」

Tomoki took out the timetables out from his bag and looked at it.
–Tomoki’s line of vision flicked between the clock on the wall and the timetable, it looked very cute.

「…Maybe, if we leave the house now we might be able to make it.」

Saying that, Tomoki put the timetable in his bag —- then suddenly twines my arm in his.

「!?………. What’s wrong, Tomoki?」
「Nothing?…… Let’s go?」
「Eh? A, ah…….」

We left just like that. We walked from the house to the nearby bus stop.

While waiting for the bus, there was no one round.—- Tomoki kept his arm around mine the whole time.
(This…… is definitely bad)
Whether it’s the nice clothes or the arms…. He definitely has the feel of a woman.
The spirit has been completely turned into a woman— Tomoki is not going to be Tomoki much longer. It’s he has a split personality.
……I won’t be able to suppress my urge to kiss him at this rate.
The worst result…… might unexpectedly be right before my eyes.

At the Aquarium, there wasn’t a person in sight despite of being summer vacation.

「……I wonder why it’s so empty today, Niichan.」
「Because it’s shabby」

Actually, there were only 4 water tanks, there weren’t any rare fish, or penguins nor dolphins.
….The only special thing was a bit of coral reef brought up from Okinawa… it’s too shabby.

So, we were sitting in front of a water tank.
It’s a wide place. Probably to set the atmosphere, there weren’t any lights on and only the light from the tanks filtered thru

「It’s beautiful isn’t it….」
「Yes it is, isn’t it… Tomoki」
「Won’t you let go of my arm?」

Tomoki kept his close to my arm the entire time from home.

—-As my heart throbbed that I didn’t even see the fish.

「…I don’t wanna」

Tomoki said like he was smearing at me.
–I’m happy. Very happy, but……

「I said to let go!!!」

My snarl resounded in around the building.
Tomoki was quite skocked.

「So- Sorry… Niichan…….」

While saying that he released my arm. His face looked like it was going to cry a little bit.


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