From Brothers to Siblings : Chapter 17

Jammerg55 here; sorry for the long delay. There were many new things I had to keep track of over the last few weeks so I wasn’t able to tackle this at all. But now that it’s become somewhat more stable at University I can finally get back to translating this. If anyone has some suggestions for future translations please let me know in the comments section below. Also if anyone is good at art I would love a banner – I am currently at the stick man and cube phase. Anways please enjoy!
(TLN: I had originally been translating at it as Oniichan, which is not incorrect but in this context it should be Niichan instead, so I will be using that for the remainder of the story)

Chapter 17: The Truth

8:00 AM. While rubbing his drowsy eyes, Niichan descended from the second floor.
……Appanently, after that he went back to sleep.
「Aa, good morning. Niichan」
I decided to greet him with a smile.
「There’s breakfast…. well, even though I said that, it’s just left overs from dinner」
「……May as well eat it……Oh yeah, Tomoki, are you working on your homework?」
「Yeah. I did an hour this morning. Math is almost done」
「I see…….Today, do you want to go out somewhere?」
「Go out, to where? Shopping again?」
「No, the Aquarium」

「For the time being, let’s go out on a date」

「……There’s something that I want to try. Please go with me for a little while」
「You should have said that from the beginning……and, what are you going to do?」
「……It’s a trade secret」
「If you go you’ll understand. Well then, get ready」
「…Um, Niichan」
「The research for the antidote……are you making any progress?」
「……It’s advancing slowly. I was only able to get 3 hours of sleep last night……」
「3- only 3 hours!?」
「To me 3 hours is the same as 10」
「……You’re pushing yourself that hard?」
And here I went and……
「Hmm? Sleeping for only 3 hours is pushing myself?」
「Well, it varies from person to person……」
「Then it’s fine……Well then, go get ready」
While saying that Niichan went to the kitchen.
I – with complex feelings – returned to my room.


(I never thought that Niichan would push himself that hard……Even still I……)
He lives his life on pins and needles, has an unbalanced diet and won’t eat his vegetables at all……

I’m the one that is the worst……

I sobbed quietly.


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