From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Misunderstanding
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From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 18

Jammerg55 here, its been a very long time, for those of you who’ve stuck around I thank you. Where to begin, my car died last march, like completely. Engine is partially melted and will cost 10k to replace. I ended up having to withdraw from University because I didn’t have the means to get there. And I moved. and my father was very ill. So all that said i didn’t have hardly any time to think about translating. However, I’m back now and will be giving regular releases once more. Any questions or comments please post below.


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Chapter 18: Rest

(from the brothers point of view)
Why the aquarium?

The medicine research was further along than I thought.
Afterwards…. if I do that it will be perfect. But……
Tomoki himself looks too terrible.
If, his spirit wasn’t strong enough, I may have had to possible deal with the worst possible result.
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