From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Bath

Actually to become a woman is actually pretty painful for a Third year in high school.
……That is, something I think you know already.

Presently, I’m with a change of clothes in hand, standing in the changing room.
I think the bath is my number one hurdle after all.
(The body structure is different… tte why am in getting so nervous, I haven’t even take anything off yet……)

I boldly shut my eyes closed and take everything off as fast as possible
Just then—

「Tomoki—are you alright—tte, uoo……」
Oniichan had entered the changing room.
「Ni, Oniichan!?」
With clothes I had just take off, I hid my chest.
「……Tomoki, you’re not hiding underneath.」
「Sh- shut up! … What did you come here for!?」(TLN: To see you naked of course)
「Well, you were taking so long so I wondered if you were alright….」
「Eh, Th, thanks…… for worrying about me….」
「But, from the looks of things you’re fine……alright」
While saying that, Oniichan suddenly puts on a serious face—
「Tomoki!! Pass!!」
「Eh!? Aa, yes!!」
I instinctively threw the clothes that had been covering me to Oniichan.
–In other words I was now stark naked in front of Oniichan.


After that…… I don’t remember much….


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