From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Misunderstanding


The long silence continued.
I know that Tomoki doesn’t like silence.

「…… Tomoki. I’m sorry for shouting before.」
「…… Niichan」
「To tell you the truth, when you go thru a sex change, even your spirit becomes female」
「I was scared, and I couldn’t say it but…as the feminization continues, sooner or later, Tomoki won’t be Tomoki any more…… I mean, it’ll become a split personality.」
「Re- really…?」
「Ah. There’s still time but…… like just now when you wrapped your arm around mine, or when you started looking like a woman, I thought “no way” and I shouted…… I’m really sorry….」

After I said that, Tomoki looked a little embarrassed

「……Niichan, I just wanted, it’s just that I thought that Niichan works too hard all the time…… I thought if I held your arm or something then you would be able to rest your body……… I mean, Niichan, loves me… it seems.」
「…… Was that it?」
「Yeah, ,,,But, I never thought there would be that kind of misunderstanding」
「Tomoki, I do love you. If you touch me like that it makes me troubled」
「I- I guess so…… I’m sorry.」
「……But, I’m happy for your feelings, thank you.」

From when he pointed the needle at me, I thought I was hated, but because it doesn’t look like it I’m relieved.

「……Hey, Niichan」
「When I change back…… Want to come here again?」
「Oh, one more thing.」
「What was it that you wanted to test by coming here?」
「Hmmm? Aa, that is……. Well, lets try it right now…… Tomoki, stand in front of me」
「……Like this?」

Just as I instructed, Tomoki stood in front of me.

「Now, clothes your eyes, slowly walk backwards 5 steps please…. You won/t run into the water tank.」

Then, Tomoki did exactly what I said and began walking backwards slowly.

「……Niichan, just what are you trying to–」

I ran up and hugged Tomoki strongly

Onichan squeeze/// I’m sorry.


5 thoughts on “From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 19

  1. Hi
    I found your translation a few months ago, and I’ve just seen that you’ve returned

    Good luck

    Pd: Anyway, this translation is almost finished. Do you accept suggestions for future projects?


  2. in order:

    Le Festin de Vampire (possibly)

    She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN) – are the translations actually wrong?

    The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap – this group is just slow and its been less than a month since their last release.

    Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru – last release less than a month ago. given the status i’ll contact the translator to see if i can take it over, even temporarly

    Levelmaker – is being actively translated

    When I Woke up in the Morning I Became a Silver Haired Loli Vampire – no


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