From Brothers to Siblings: Prologue

Jammerg55 here, this is a novel i decided to pick up. I have simply decided to host this on my own site and is not a part of RTD. It’s another sibling romance novel so if you don’t like these please don’t read it. I reserve the right to delete spam. Bwahahaha.


My older brother is weird.
Actually he’s the weirdest person in town.
He’s what is commonly referred to as a mad scientist.
He makes a living by making a lot of strange medicine and selling them to unusual organizations.
Our parents are both on business trips so they’re not here.

I (boku) am a Senior in high school, by brother is a college student, but he doesn’t go to college and just stays at home developing medicine the entire time.

My brother started shutting himself up at home when I started junior high.

When I went to a club training camp, he didn’t leave for an entire two weeks, he had shut himself up in the house.

Throughout my entire grade-school career, he called me properly by my name, but when I got into Junior high he started calling me you. It makes me sad.

I want to once more have a good relationship with my brother. Thinking that I entered into my Senior high school summer vacation. Who could have known something like that would have happened.


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