From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A Change in Feelings


Afterwards, we went and bought some clothes from the various sets arranged. Because a skirt was impossible, I picked out a quiet designed pair of trousers and jeans. They were unexpectedly cheap.

「……Alright, it’ll be fine if we get these….Shall we go home, Oniichan?」

「No, there’s still something left to get.」

「There’s something left…… like what?」

「Things like underwear」


Well, I had vaguely noticed……

「But, does this shopping street doesn’t sell things like underwear?」

「Wait really?」

「That’s right」

「…Well then let’s give up and go home?」


On the way back.

「Hey, Oniichan… from before… you said you’d explain when we got home… but can’t you explain it now after all?」



Oniichan took me to an uninhabited park near our house and sat on an adjoining bench, then started to speak.


「Hey do you……know about love?」

「Me (boku)? With who?」

「Me? (ore)」

「Eh…!? …Wh- why!? Where brothers you know!? We’re both guys you know!? And yet…」

Again my words were caught in my throat.


「”And yet” what?」

「Well, I mean, that is……」

Why is it, it feels so hard to breathe? It feels like there’s something caught in my throat….something like that.

I felt a strange cold sweat – Did Oniichan sense that?


「…Shall we go home?」

At Oniichan’s invitation, I gave a small nod—



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