From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Could it Be

It’s short. (TLN: The author wrote that)

In the town’s largest shopping street. We stopped and parked the bicycle in a bicycle parking space.
「Well then, Oniichan, shall we go?」
When I decide to try and guide Oniichan, he suddenly grips my hand.
「Wh- what, Oniichan!?」
「Well, with you being so cute, it makes me nervous for you to go off on your own」
「Eeh!?…No it’s alright. And, this is embarrassing……」
It was a justifiable complaint. For brothers to hold hands, is definitely embarrassing—

「What are you saying? You know you’re happy about it」

Eh? What did he just say?
「Wh- what are you saying!? There’s no way……」

My words caught in my throat. I couldn’t object.
My body doesn’t feel shy at all.

This feeling, it’s as if—

「……Well, I’ll give you an explanation later」
Oniichan interrupts my thinking and begins to pull me along.


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