From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Along the Way

Our house—the Akaishi brother’s house is in a bit of a rural area.
Even if you were to say that, it’s not as if there were fields or mountains.
It’s just that it’s a little far from the nearest housing development.
From there, there is a long gradual slop down toward the nearby shopping street.
–Oniichan doesn’t really need to pedal, he just rides with his feet on them and rides at a normal speed down the road.
From beginning to end there is nothing but silence.

It’s starting to feel a little like torture.
It was actually Oniichan that broke the silence.
「Wh- what?」
「From then…… did something change?」
「Un……for the moment nothing really stands out……I guess[
「Was there anything unremarkable?」
「Eh?……Aa, un, to tell you the truth…」
Actually, from earlier this morning—I was unable to look Oniichan in the face.
For some reason, every time I did, my heart would start to throb.
I obediently told him that just.
「I see…」
While I was sitting behind him, I couldn’t see his face, Oniichan responded.

Then—–the brakes squealed with a kii- and then suddenly stopped. Oniichan had slammed on the brakes.
According to the law of inertia, my body leaned into Oniichan.
「Oniichan!?…Wh- what happened!?」
I was panicking and then I heard Oniichan say.

「What do you feel now?」

「I mean how do you feel right now is what I’m asking」
「Well, I’m feeling surprised like normal…」
「Anything else?」
「An- Anything else?…Um…My heart is throbbing a lot….is how I feel」
When I pressed against him it felt like my heart was tightening…something like that.
「I see, understood」
I responded against Oniichan’s reply—
「……Even if you say you understand by yourself I don’t get it. What do you mean?」
「…You don’t need to know yet」
With that Oniichan began to pedal again–.


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