From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Second Day

The next morning.
Although my cold had been cured, I hadn’t returned to my former appearance.,

「……This is reality after all….」

I was half hoping that this was all a dream but, but it’s unfortunate.
While being in the same predicament as yesterday, not knowing where to look, I changed into my every day wear.
(……I guess I should go buy some women’s clothing after all)

Then similarly to yesterday, without knocking the door suddenly opened.
「Ni, Oniichan…… Good morning」
「Aa…. Anyways, are you free today?」
「……Well yeah, but why?」
「We’ll go out and buy some women’s clothes for you, I’m paying」
「Eh?…… Could you mean, together?」

(How many years has it been since we went shopping together? …Wait could this possibly be the first time…?)

「So because of that, you need to get ready」
After saying that, Oniichan leaves the room.
(Get ready you say…… oh clothes to go outside? …What should I do…?)

I don’t have any clothes to go clothes shopping with.

……I think I’ve heard something about this from somewhere but, it’s probably just my imagination.
The clothes I’m currently wearing is not something that a girl would never wear but…
(… Oh well.)

I took my wallet and cellphone and left the room.

Oniichan was waiting at the front door.
「Are you ready?」
「Alright let’s go」
We left the house and he pulled the only bicycle used to go to school out of the shed.
「Aa, I don’t have a bicycle so we’ll have to ride in tandem」
「Eeh?… We can’t ride this in tandem」
「Well then, I’ll drive and you ride behind me.」
「Eh, a, un…….」
Even the conversation is dangerous even though were brothers, but who would have though the conversation would advance like this…wait it’s not brothers but siblings huh?

Oniichan raised the saddle on my bicycle a little and got on.
I got on behind him.
「……You know, can’t you sit a little more woman like?」

「What woman sits facing the front. Don’t they usually sit sideways?」

「Aa, that’s right….」
I panicked and changed how I was sitting… then I objected.

「…tte, I’m a guy you know!」
「Right now you’re a woman」
「Even still……」
「Alright, let’s go」
Oniichan puts some power into his foot and begins to pedal.


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