From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Doubt

「Oniich- huh?」
There was no one in the living room.
There were no signs of the vegetable stir-fry being touched on the table.
(Where did you go?)
I hear the click of the front door.
I went to the door in a panic.
And there was, the slightly surprised face of Oniichan.

Oniichan’s eyes were—a little swollen.

「Oniichan……where did you go? …It looks like your eyes are a little swollen… Just what on earth happened—?」
「You, is your cold fine already?」
Oniichan interrupted my question and asked that.
「Eh?……Un, it’s fine…But, I won’t take a shower because it might relapse」
「I see…….I’ll eat the food later」
After saying that, Oniichan went quickly up to his own room.
(……Is he avoiding me?)
The conversation for that day had ended.


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