From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Cooking

That night.
In the end, Oniichan shut himself in his room the entire time.
I ended doing something similar, being in bed with my quilt pulled over myself the entire time.
「……I’m hungry…」
As expected, it would be difficult to spend the night without eating anything, having not even had lunch.
Because I got a bit warmer, it was easier to move around, so I decided to make something to eat.
I took a look in the refrigerator and decided to make some stir-fry vegetables. Despite how I look I’m actually pretty good at cooking.
(Maybe I should make some for Oniichan)
I ate my portion and set some vegetable stir-fry onto another plate and wrote a note.
(“If it’s cooled off, then please warm it up”……te why am I speaking formally? Well whatever)

To go back into my room, I went up to the second floor.
I began to turn the knob to my own door—but then.
My door opened on its own with a gatcha and Oniichan came out of his room.

Oniichan and my room are on opposite sides facing each other, so it’s uncommon to encounter each other.
「Aa, Oniichan….」
The silence continued. I dislike silence.
「Aa, um, I left some dinner for you in the living room…….」
Saying so, Oniichan went down stairs.

—At that moment, there was an unmistakable tightening feeling in my chest.
(Wh- what was that……? Could that be the …change in feelings that he asked me about a little bit ago?)
I unconsciously descend the stairs.


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