From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Differences Between Bodies

The conversation had ended, tentatively.
Oniichan shut himself in his room to develop the medicine.

Which means that I—

「It’s the first day of the vacation which is a life saver… I think」

Because the fact that I still have a cold hadn’t changed, I went and laid on my bed.
……Even still.

(This is a girl’s body……)
As being a guy… I had at least once wondered what about their body structure, even still with my personality I ended up just imagining it. Even with that personality it wasn’t as if I was uninterested in the real thing.

And now— I’ve obtained a woman’s body.

I confirmed my view in the full length mirror in my room.
(……It’s a real girl……)
The face, the figure, and the height…well the clothes I had on were originally mine, but everything else was completely different.
But, even still this is me.

If it’s now then I can do anything I want. For example—

(–Te what am I thinking? I shouldn’t be doing that as a person, as a person…. But……)
Wicked feelings fought against my reasoning. Adolescence is scary.

(……Which reminds me, I’ve been in my pajamas since this morning……I need to change)
I thought that so casually, there is bound to be trouble here.

(…Girls, what do they wear?)
And one other thing.
(I’ll see them……my boobs)
Even as clever as I was, I didn’t have a blindfold to change with.
(……No, why am I being so dumb. This is my body isn’t it? ……I’ll just act normally, normally)
From my dresser I took out clothing that looked as girly as possible and threw them on the bed.
Then, I began to unbutton my pajamas little by little.
(……Hey, this is somehow exciting… even though it’s my own body…)
While fighting with my wicked heart, I took off my pajama top.

(……Uwa…the skin is pure white)
Naturally, my eyes decided where to look for me.
While I was staring excitedly at myself, I thought I was all alone.
(The feeling of the skin is completely different too………It’s like a different person) (TLN: “I’m too sexy” comes to mind)

It took a while but I finally managed to finish changing.
(…Fuu…I did it……)
It really took a lot of effort.

I lay on my bed and begin to think about what to do from now on.
…… If I can’t return to my original form during the summer, what is going to happen to me?
My third year of high school is really important, it’s not like I can just take a break from school.
I’ll just have to believe in Oniichan……

Without knocking, Oniichan just came right in.
「Wh- what?」
I got up and answered.
「You, how many did you take?」
「Etto……just 1. That’s all there was」
「I see」
「It seems that it was the last one」
「Without the actual medicine, making an antidote is really difficult」
「……Then, you can’t make it……?」
「No one said anything about that. I only said it is “difficult to make” I will definitely have it completed by the time summer vacation is over」
「……I can believe you, right?」
Oniichan nods strongly.
「Even still……」
And he continued.
「I didn’t think you would change this completely」
「Re- really?」
Then Oniichan brought his face close to me and looked at me from close range.
「U- um, you’re close……」
While puzzled Oniichan started saying things.

「It suits you…」

「I think you look a lot like mom when she was younger」
「Re- really?」
「Why would I lie?」
What is with this person?
「…What do you want to say?」
「Nothing. ……I just thought you were cute is all.」
「Is that…a lie?」
「That’s the truth….probably」
「Probably he says…」
Oniichan withdrew his face from me.
「By the way did anything change?」
「Ch- change?」
「Other than the body change. Like feelings or something like that?」
「…Right now, nothing」
「Understood…You caught a cold so you should rest」
「U- un, thanks」
Before I could finish saying that, Oniichan had already left the room.
Oniichan is completely different from usual, he’s definitely talking with me.

That fact made me happy above everything else.

(For getting a woman’s body, it’s not such a bad……)

I had yet to notice, the change of my own mental state.


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    • Yeah it actually has the tag of incest in on the original script. This story only has 30 some chapters so it’s pretty short. Once i finish this I’ll go find another good one.


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