From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Change

(……Who is that? Wait… is that me?)

Could it be? Sure you could say I have a girly personality, but I undoubtedly have a man’s face, and above all the girl in the mirror had waist length hair. My hair isn’t nearly that long. That isn’t me.
……Is what I’d like to think.

「That’s your current appearance」

Oniichan emphasized that fact from behind.
「…that’s a lie……? That I’m like this……eh?」
I want to run away. I want to run away from the truth.
「…… We have things to discuss so come to the living room」
While following Oniichan we head to the living room.

We sat on the sat facing each other on sofas with a table in between us.
「First of all…… the medicine you took was not a cold medicine」
「Eh?…… Oh really?」
He’s usually quite frank but now he’s talking somewhat formally.
「……Didn’t you look at the label properly?」
「I saw it. The one with S at the front and E at the end is the cold medicine… or wasn’t it?」
「I certainly said that, but you shouldn’t judge things just by the first and last letters alone.」
Oniichan stands while saying that, then goes to the medicine shelf and places the bottle, that had the medicine, bottle I took from in front of me.
「Read it」
「……I can’t read it」
The medicine label is in English, and it’s written in self-styled cursive, normally it’s not something that we can read. So it was inevitable that I’d have to judge it by the first and last letter.

「”Sex change” it literally means to change ones sex」

「I didn’t think that you would have gone hunting on the shelf without asking…….」
「…Why was that kind of dangerous medicine on that shelf!?」
「Like I said, I didn’t think you would take it without asking.」
「No way…….」
I couldn’t think of an excuse.

……No, There can be no excuse for this.
「……Is there any way to return to normal…return…?」
This was a medicine developed by Oniichan so if enough time passes then the effect might go away, or there might be an antidote. So this time too—
「Unfortunately this medicine has no effect release, nor is there an antidote.」
「Eh—then, do I have to stay like this forever……?」
「No. I’m going to make an antidote」
Oniichan says and suddenly stands.

「In the meanwhile, I’ll look after you」

The gap between my brother and I was closed, just a little.


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