From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 12

Jammerg55 here, time for a little action.

Chapter 12: The Kiss

Afterwards, until we talked until about 9:00 about the effects of the medicine. I was standing and Oniichan was sitting in a chair. The conversation went as follows.

「Tomoki, I told you before, how “the medicine will cause you go fall in love with the men around you” didn’t I?」
「That, apparently can be suppressed.」
「If I cling to you like I did before, you can suppress it…… depending on the person」
「Why didn’t you say that earlier!?」
「Like I said, I didn’t know until we got back. I had to review the medicine data……. Tomoki, didn’t you go to sleep right afterwards?」
「Aa, I see…….」
「……But clinging can only suppress the tiniest bit of it.」
「Can’t you erase it completely?」
「I can’t completely, however I can erase it for set intervals. It’s just the method……」
「Don’t hold anything back. We’re brothers aren’t we?」
「Un…about that…」
After a short while, he says.

「It’s a kiss」

I spat.
「……Tomoki, are you alright?」
「I’m- I’m fine…I mean is that the truth?」
「It is」
「It’s not just because you want to is it?」
「Where in the world would you find an incestuous homosexual scientist? I’m normal」
「Yeah I see……」

「But I thought if it was with Tomoki it would be alright」

I spat again.
「Tomoki, are you alright?」
「Sh- shut up! Pervert!」
「Uwa!! I’ve been called a pervert!! By my real younger brother no less!!!」
「What’s wrong with calling an incestuous homosexual scientist a pervert?! It’s completely out of the ordinary! It defies common sense!」
「Phrases like “defies common sense” and “out of the ordinary” are pretty old fashion…」
「U…well when I get in a hurry they just come out, um……」
「So? What will you do? Wanna kiss?」
「Da……Why is it like that!?」
「It’ll become easy if you kiss, you’ve been looking at me as a love target haven’t you? Pick whatever way you like」

「Well, I’ve seen you half way as a target」

○| ̄|_
I don’t have the energy to be angry any more.

「Oniichan……that’s a lie isn’t it?」
「No comment」
「If you don’t say it’s a lie then I won’t listen to you for the rest of my life」
「Even if I were to tell you the truth and you weren’t going to listen, Tomoki, if I were to tell you that you could be returned to normal tomorrow?」
「……Your basis?」
「You told me that you “love” me in my ear a little while ago」
「I did say something like that」
「Well, isn’t it fine? At least once. We’re brothers after all.」
「Using that “Brothers” as a framework is still scary……」
「Whether or not you do you can relax」
「As if I could! It makes me even more worried instead!」
「You’re so indecisive, Tomoki….」
「I don’t think being indecisive doesn’t matter here!……Talk properly」

「Do you want to kiss me, Oniichan?」
An immediate reply, everyone.

「What is it, Tomoki, is the discussion over?」
「As a matter of fact, let’s go with that……」
「What, that was quick」
「……By the way, the kiss… would it come from me? Or from Oniichan?」
「It would come from me…. What? Did you get in the mood?」
「No comment」
「I hate indecisive people」
「I said being indecisive doesn’t matter in this situation……」
「Whichever is fine isn’t it!」

Oniichan suddenly stands up, grips my shoulder and presses my back against the wall.
I was unable to even flinch.
「Ni, Oniichan!? What all of a sudden –」
「Be quite. It’ll be over soon」
While saying that he quickly restrains my hands with his left hand and brings my face close to his with his right.
「Ni, Oniichan! I still haven’t said that I would do it–」
That moment.


Just like that time before, my heart begins to hurt.
My body is reacting to Oniichan.
It’s hard to breathe. My breathing becomes rough. My body is getting hot……
I instinctively shut my eyes. And then—

I feel something soft touch my lips.

I know that my pulse quickened.

I unintentionally let out a voice.
My senses become numb…

It lasts for about 30 seconds.
Then Oniichan liberates me at last.
While suppressing my chest, I crouch right there.
Oniichan sees me do this and then rubs my back a little while.

「……Thanks…It’s alright now…」
「I see. …So, did something change?」
「Eh?……Aa, it’s like something fell off my chest……」
「It’s really effective isn’t it…… then one more time」
「……Give me a break already…… I mean you seem really used to it…… maybe you’re experienced?」
「No, this is the first time I kissed」
「……Me too.」
「Oo. You’re first kiss is with your real brother, isn’t that a good experience?」
「It’s the worst」
「Don’t say something like that. It made me happy.」
「The only one that was happy was Oniichan!」

「……it looks like, your kinda pale. Are you alright?」
「I’m not fine……my heart is throbbing……」
「How do you mean?」
「I don’t know……when I became a girl, it was the same feeling……that’s the only thing I can say…」
「……Understood. Go to sleep」
「Eh……Did you understand something?」
「Tentatively……. Aa, that reminds me, I didn’t eat anything before going to bed」
「Be either, … I didn’t take a bath」
「How do you intend on taking a bath?」
「E? What do you mean “how” just like usual……Aa I see.」
「……Just to let you know, I’m not going to help you change your clothes」
「Uu… you cold hearted person」
「Even if I were to help you you’d just hate it anyways」
「Well, that is……」
「……Well whatever. If something happens call me」
While saying that Oniichan left me in the room.

I got to see an unexpected side of Oniichan……


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