From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: On the way back

As expected it’s difficult to go uphill with two people and luggage on the way back. In the end it was more that we were pushing the bicycle back along with the luggage.

And, meanwhile it was silent the entire time.
Once I realized my feelings toward Oniichan, I felt awkward and it was impossible to speak.

It seems – that I have fallen in love with my real brother.

I’m not sure if it’s because some influence of the medicine but it seems to cause the effect of falling in love with men that are around.
……Upon leaving the park, Oniichan told me that

(But, regardless, he’s my real brother……)

While puzzled, we reached the house, Oniichan silently pushed the bicycle into the shed.

When I actually look, I remain silent as well.

I immediately went to my room, and fell on the bed.


Even though I thought this would be a way to erase the gap, it seems I put the cart before the horse.
(……I think I did something bad to Oniichan…. But I’m tired today…….)
While thinking absent mindedly, I fell asleep.


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