From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Summer Cold

Summer Vacation is two weeks. It’s the first day of summer vacation that I can rest without reservation. I awoke to a nasty cough.
「Uu……I wonder if it’s a cold. It’s been cold recently.」
I wonder if it’s because of that Global warming thing. The temperature isn’t really stable, there were many days when it went from really hot to really cold.
「Cold medicine, cold medicine…….」
Although older brother makes a lot of strange medicine, he does tentatively make proper cold medicine.
It’s just that the medicine he makes is all on one shelf and isn’t really labeled properly or divided so you don’t really know which is which.
「If I remember correctly, the it starts with an S and ends with an E… this.」
I found a small bottle and took out a pill.
「Huh, there’s only one……oh well」
With that in hand I took a glass from the cupboard, filled it with water and washed it down.

The same as always.
Then I heard a「Hey」

When I turned around there was my brother that was 1 year older.
Currently there’s a considerable gap in my relationship with my older brother.
「Wa- what? Oniichan」(TLN: it means older brother but I’m leaving it as Oniichan for flow)
Oniichan picked up the bottle that I had left on the table and read the label—-

「……You, did you take this?」

「Yep. …Isn’t that cold medicine?」
「……oh well. From the looks of things it’s a failure」
「Eh? What do you mean?」
「Forget it」
Recently we only greet each other once a day. So this kind of conversation is really unusual.

(……What’s the matter, Oniichan….)
I went back to my room to rest.

I entered my room and laid down on the bed.
I might as well just rest for the rest of the day.

「……Even still, it’s hot….」
I thought that my temperature had raised because of the cold, but maybe it’s not only because of that.
「I wonder if it’s because of the medicine……I’ll just go to sleep for now….」
I closed my eyes but I couldn’t really go to sleep. Far from that—-
My throat is really dry. I should have gotten plenty of moisture just a little bit ago….

My consciousness grew faint.

I walked along the wall toward the kitchen.
I stretched my hand out toward the faucet—just then.


My heart suddenly began to be painful.

(What’s…… happening…!?)

It’s hard to breathe. It’s pounding. My body is so hot. This is my first time experiencing something like this.
I went weak in the knees and collapsed right there.


I fell down while shouting.
I breathed unsteadly, suddenly, someone’s foot came into view.
I looked up and saw his face.
Oniichan looked at me a little surprised.
He checked my out body while looking at me.
「……Oniichan, something just now…… huh?」
When I regained my consciousness I realized that my voice was higher than normal.
While squatting, Oniichan meets my eyes and says.
「……go, look in the mirror.」
(Mi- mirror? Why now?)

I stood and walked dizzily into the bathroom.
Then I looked at myself in the mirror.
And there with in—-

There was a long haired, beautiful girl.



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